Monday, September 8, 2008

Video Library - Channel 2 News Utah

So yesterday (9/7/08) was a busy day... not only did I do a interview with Kevin Whalen and Tom Nardozzi on WRKO Radio in Boston (I will work on adding the link to that interview) but a local news station here in Utah came down to my house in Eagle Mountain and interviewed me and the boys about our trip to Fenway. Wow how I love to talk about all the wonders of Boston and Fenway! Anyway I have attached the link, let me tell you the boys and I were soooooo nervous! Mason and Weston did such a great job, they look like they are on TV all the time. They are so adorable - I'm one lucky mom!

Weston let out the BIG SECRET... no one tell!

Video Library - Channel 2 News Utah

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HorshamScouse said...

I just watched your video and it's getting dusty down here in porirua! :)